Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Catching Up

I have wanted to do this for a while now. The last time I blogged was during the Royal Court Workshop in 2006. But that was a group thing and didn’t last.

2010 augurs well. I have my first non fiction “The Boss is Not your Friend” being published by Hachette India this year. I went for the Delhi book fair last week and there is some buzz around the book already. Most people get a smile on their faces when they hear what it is called. I guess they have learnt their lessons the hard way. I also finished a novel last year. Hopefully that would also get published by the end of this year or early next year.

However what I enjoyed writing the most in recent times was a short essay for an anthology Pradeep Sebastian is compiling. Fifty contemporary Indian writers are writing on existing literary works. I chose “Sunlight on a Broken Column,” by Attia Hosain. It is a brilliant book, woefully underrated. Hosain was one of the earliest Indians to write and make a mark in English. A space that is falsely arrogated by some who came after her. I love the book. I recommend it to anyone who has an interest in India and Indian writing in English.

Hope to meet friends and like minded folks here.


  1. Looking forward to 'Boss is not your friend.'

  2. Great! Makes me eager to read your book, novel and more blogs promising much of such stuff. :)

  3. Great start to the blog, Vijay! I am your first "follower".

  4. Vijay when is your book - BOSS IS NOT YOUR FRIEND coming out ? The title is intriguing and appropriate for the present times.

  5. Vijay, will follow your blog with interest.