Thursday, June 21, 2012

not that kind of rain

not that kind of rain
teasing in coy drizzles
over too soon to bring
listlessness and complaints
of how humidity made
everything worse...

this one broke in sheets
and torrents flashes of
blinding lightening to make
men and women huddle
under the slight bit
of shelter protruding rooftops
on needy shops offer

the man who drank
alone in a cheap bar
all evening stumbled and
sang not heeding the
knee length water and
drivers of autorickshaws
hooting their accustomed greed
for such nights

soaked to the bone, he
turned sober and cursed
his luck, his life and the
unappetising fight that awaited
him when he reached home
in the morning when they
discovered his bloated body
near an overflowing ditch ,
he looked happy...

you could say he was
smiling at a private joke.

Vijay Nair

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