Thursday, July 12, 2012

this joyous land

waking up at dawn to meet our gods
light lamps and burn incense sticks
purify the fickle body with sandalwood
soap baths, decorate the shrines and the
deities with fragrant flowers and only
then step out to mutilate the souls

how easy it is to break the spirit of a
child with uncomprehending eyes and
dress up to go for a TV show to condemn
the men who stripped a girl in public, they
should be punished for this stray incident
don’t you see there is more, much more

to this dazzling country of ancient cultures
the stupid foreigner cannot even begin to
comprehend the symbolism of the filth,
just getting turned on by poverty porn and
people shitting by the roadside, what does
he know about the purity of this joyous land

Vijay Nair

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