Monday, December 17, 2012

Pittsburgh 3

Shopping at Giant Eagle
potatoes, onions, tomatoes,
coriander, mushrooms, beans,
carrots, curry powder, cookies, bread,
juice, milk, butter...
I take the wrong queue.

The woman behind the counter 
smiles... this one is for those
who unlike you have minimal needs
you have exceeded twelve items by one,  
but that’s alright, we will make an exception
this one time.

While another woman standing
behind, fishes out a discount card
from her bag and offers it to me.

Is it this skin, neither black nor white
a neutral brown to evoke these
acts of sympathy or something they
see in my eyes, something that stares
back from the mirror some days,
the yearning for colours, the craving for
languages ...

Inhabiting happy dreams some nights,
to stay back on moody mornings
cutting through the sounds of cars and a
noisy christmas party the neighbours 
celebrate with songs of youth...
bridge over troubled water.

 Vijay Nair

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