Friday, March 12, 2010

Columns and Sikhs

I usually write a column a week. I treat it as work. A certain number of words have to be belted out and I usually rotate between four broad topics- Books, Films, Politics and what I like to loosely refer to as “General Stuff.” It’s another way of making the writing pay. For the materialistic approach I have towards writing columns, the response to my recent one on Sikhs has come as a pleasant surprise. The column was written for a Bangalore publication but appreciative feedback has flowed in from places as distant as North America and Europe.

It has taught me two things. Technology breaks all kinds of barriers including that of time and space. I decide on paying good money to watch a Hollywood film in a multiplex based on the review by Roger Ebert that appears in Chicago Sun Times. So why should it be surprising that Sikhs in other parts of the world have read what I have to say about them and commented.

The other thing I have learnt is I was right about the community. Sikhs are generous, spontaneous folks quick to forget unnecessary slights. One gentleman wrote he has forgiven all those who made fun of him in school after reading my column. That made my day.§id=36&contentid=2010031020100310193156415fd301a73

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  1. Good article- while not without our faults- I agree with a lot of what you wrote about Sikhs and the inclusive and tolerant nature- unfortunately politics is always dabbling with religion! .. and yes it is awesome how technology has broken barriers!