Saturday, May 1, 2010

Divine Coorg

If you live in Bangalore, there is no dearth of hill stations within easy driving distance. There is Ooty and Coonoor, there in Wayanad, there is Masanagudi and then there are places in Coorg from Kushalnagar to Madikeri. Coorg has something very untamed about it. It has not yet been corrupted to the extent Ooty and Coonoor have been by the tourists. Not that they aren't trying. The towns in Coorg abound with homestays and resorts. I am writing this from a resort in Coorg so I guess I am as much to be blamed as the rest of them.

I love the room we are in. It is surrounded by trees giving the impression that we are in the middle of a forest. We have a day left here and it seems the visit was all too short.

I am sure sooner than later, we will have some kind of a home in Coorg. And I will also build a writing and theatre residency here.

If wishes were horses...

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