Monday, April 1, 2013

Pittsburgh 11

You can play this game,

be as patronizing as you want to be
affect that tone and pretend my words
don’t reach you, practice the cultural deception
with ease, be close and distant in turns,
hide behind niceties and talk about the weather,
make me understand your ways to hurt are more
subtle, and that the difference lies in the degrees
of havoc we are both capable of wrecking on this world

I know
I understand
I comprehend sometimes
the distance between us
is no wider than the floating clouds
I spy from my window some days


If we meet on a sunday afternoon
on familiar roads we have walked
together and separately, with no place
to hide, no boundaries to retreat
we may discover the restlessness in
our eyes struggling to get the words out

what was the point in creating an elaborate
charade of stories with guns and violence
how did it help this bleak barren landscape
to know we are just as likely to sin like our
fathers and that it was useless to imagine a
world ruled by the mythical phoenix

You can play this game.

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