Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pittsburgh 12

the young tell me their stories about crust punks
and cults, the edge, food not bombs,
bands from the past and eating from the dumpsters

there is one in the Strip where they throw
chocolate fudge sometimes, a young woman
reports somewhat disinterestedly over dinner

a stray memory rests over the leftover food
and i want to know from her whether she
wants to die before she turns 30, the familiar story

of the need to escape before you travel the world
hope for love at least in tea spoons and learn to
separate the art of existing from disenchantment

not wanting to confront the day when friends stop
talking because of things they never cared about earlier
the wisdom of keeping faith in long never ending treks

the aversion towards finite milestones to measure
all that was lost on the way; the unspoken fear
of a child when the sudden storm blows the fuse

spring arrives before the question could be posed

Vijay Nair

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